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I Build Web Sites

...I love building web sites for small businesses that customers love to come to,  that help you sell your products and services, and keep your customers coming back.


My job

...is to help you explain to someone why they should buy from YOU and not your competition.   I will help you translate your business jargon into English that your customers understand and respond to in a positive way.

Hello, My name is Ren Kessler

and I'd like to build you a web site.

Should you choose Me?

I am not going to try to convince you that I am the best, or the cheapest, or the coolest. But...

  • I work hard, I am honest, and I will make you happy with your new web site.  No bull.
  • I will level with you about what I can or cannot do.  And what can be done within your budget.  You will know, before we start, what you can expect.  No bull.
  • I will show you my progress along the way and we will make sure you are satisfied.  No bull.
  • I won't disappear.  When you try to get ahold of me,  I will get back to you the same day or next day.  No bull.
  • I will give you more than you pay for and guarantee my work.  If you don't like it, you get your money back.  No bull.
Web sites

Why I May Be Your Best Choice


I have 35 years of experience in the I.T. world and have been building web sites ever since Al Gore invented the internet 25 years ago.


I am one of you.  For 40 years.  I understand business plans, business finance, marketing.  I understand your needs and concerns.


You know what you can afford.  I can build a site that fits your budget.  My suggestion would be to stretch it a little, so we can shoot for something even better.


I use recognized marketing methods to help your audience get a positive feeling and help them make the decision to use you.


The most important thing in our relationship is keeping in touch.  Tell me if you prefer phone, email, or text.  I will become your favorite pest.


It takes time and patience to create a great site.  It will take time on your part and mine.  I will take all the time we need to build a great site and get it right.

Once you decide you and I can work together


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I Need to Get to Know You.

  • Who are you , as a person. 
  • What makes you tick
  • How you approach your business.
  • What motivates you to be the best. 
  • Who are your ideal customers, and why you think they use you instead of the other guy.
  • Goal Setting: business goals, personal goals, and the goals you have for your web site. 
  • Why are you in business.
  • What is your budget, so I can design a site that fits what you have to spend.

For this I have a questionnaire for you, and we will get together for a brief discovery meeting.  Once the questions are answered and we agree to work together, we move on to the next step.

Your "Unique Business Advantage."
It sets you apart.

You provide products and services in a way that is unique to you...and is uniquely different from your competitors. It is your "Advantage."  It is how you sell yourself to your potential customers, and it is why your customer come back.  Your "UBA" establishes your marketing messages and leads prospects to becoming customers, and customers becoming repeat customers

It is our job, together, to put into words and pictures how you are different, and why your customers should choose you.  It is your "Unique Business Advantage,"  So...you will need to think about it.

A "UBA" is:

  • A positive affirmation of what separates you from everyone else in your business. 
  • The words and pictures we build your site with. 
  • The feeling someone gets when they visit...your tone and your style.
  • We pepper your entire site with the things that make you unique so the customer gets a distinct feeling and impression about you and your business.

 You need to think about what make you stand out and what separates you from your competitors. 

  • It is you?
  • Is it your pricing?
  • Is it quality of your products and services?
  • Is it volume discounts?
  • Is it performance?
  • Is it how you treat your customers?
  • Is it your team?
  • Is it your style?
  • Or is it something else?

What is it?  What are the tangibles? What are the intangibles? 

I will help you think this through.

A "UBA" is not:

  • A tagline
  • An elevator pitch
  • A "Mission Statement"
  • A descriptive sentence or paragraph

All of this goes to discovering your "Unique Business Advantage," that which sets you apart from all the rest.

You cannot appeal to everyone.  We are looking for the customers that feel a connection with you.  Your UBA is that connection.

Your "Site Map "  What pages are we going to have?

This is where we decide, based on your budget and your "Unique Business Advantage" what specific pages you will need and how those pages will be laid out and how we get your customers to look at them.  The pages, the order of them, and the navigation (how we get from page to page) will set us up to develop a specific "framework" to work from.

A site map can be simple or complex, according to your need and budget.

I will make specific recommendations, making sure we have covered all the bases.   Once you approve, we move on to the next stage.

Not a finished product, but a "Framework."   

We have talked about your "UBA."  We have discussed your company's products and services.  We have talked colors and I have your logo.  You have given me some words to use and some photos you like.

Now, I will put together a couple of Prototype home pages for you to choose from.  If you don't care for either one, we will try again.

Once you approve your prototype, then the fun begins.  I get to work building the actual site.

Click here to see sample prototypes.


This is where the fun begins.  I get to work.  I work on my server.  I love this part.  It's my art.  It is a lot like sculpting in clay.  If I put too much clay on the face, I can take the nose right off and build a new nose.  Smooth the cheeks, and create the wrinkles around the eyes.

I will begin by fleshing out the home page and the navigation.  I will test various aspects of the page and email you with links so you can see the progress page by page.  Once you approve of the work I continue.  You and I will work interactively, discussing the design, and tweaking the changes, so there are no ugly surprises at the end...you will get everything you want.  You will provide me with the content you have and I will mold it into something that looks like a web site.

Before we release it to the public,  I test all aspects of the site to make sure everything works just as we expect it to.  I may also share it with select friends and associates to get their feedback. 

When it is ready, we will do the "big reveal."

This is when we show the World.  The Big Reveal and a celebration .

After making sure everything works as expected, all the little bugs are worked out, you have proofread the content, and everything is in the right spot and looking great, I will "migrate" your site from my server to yours. 

This is your site's Big Day. Maybe we should have some champagne, some beer or wine, or maybe a celebration cup of coffee.

I can also, if you have it in your budget, help you with a comprehensive email roll-out to everybody you know.  This is a big deal, and we need to let everyone know.

We offer post release Care Plans to keep your site updated with software and server updates.  It can also include time to update your site with new photos, content, and pages.  We offer several levels of ongoing Care.


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