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I Build Websites

...I love building websites for small businesses, like yours, that customers love to come to,  that help you sell your products and services...and keep your customers coming back.


My Job to help your website explain to someone why they should buy from YOU and not your competition.   I will help you explain your business in language that your customers understand and respond to in a positive way.

Hello, My name is Ren Kessler

and I'd like to build Your website.

Website Building

From design through build to launch and beyond and all steps in between, your WordPress site will strengthen your marketing presence and help get you new business.   I can build it for you and keep you in front and center on the web.

Online Marketing

Internet Marketing is as much art as science.  With a targeted outreach plan, we can reach more prospects, reach them faster, and convert more to customers. That includes Email campaigns, Facebook pages and ads, SEO, and more.

Care Advantage

What comes after the launch?  My CareAdvantage! program.  We keep your site running smoothly, update WordPress and plug-ins, scan for viruses, host the site, make sure it is backed ups, SEO, up-time monitoring, secure sites, minor or major updates, redesigns or new pages.  Full support.

Who Should You Choose?

I am not going to try to convince you that I am the
best, or the cheapest, or the coolest. But...

  • I work hard, I am honest, and I will make you happy with your new website.  No bull.
  • I will level with you about what I can or cannot do, and what can be done with your budget.  You will know before we start, what you can expect.  No bull.
  • You will see my progress along the way and together, we will make sure you are satisfied.  No bull.
  • When you try to reach me,  I will get back to you the same day or next day.  I won't disappear.  No bull.
  • You will get more than you pay for.   My guarantee: if you don't like it, you get your money back.  No bull
Web sites

That Web Place may be your best choice

The Focus is on You


Once I start on your site, you are my Number One priority until we are finished and you are satisfied.


The most important thing in our relationship is keeping in touch.  Tell me if you prefer phone, email, or text.  I will become your favorite pest.  You will probably get tired of me.


You know what you can afford.  I can build a site that fits your budget.  That said, my suggestion would be to stretch it a little, so we can shoot for something even better.


I don't consider a page complete until you have seen it and approve.  Only then we I begin working on the next phase.


Your "Unique Business Advantage," or UBA, is what sets you apart from your competition.  Your site will tell your prospects why they should buy from you. Your "UBA" is why you are the best choice.


On time and on budget.  My promise to you.

How Do We Get Started?

Initial Questionaire

Once you decide we may be a fit, click any of the "Get Started" buttons on this page, and fill out my short questionnaire.  That will help me to get to know you a little and what you want from a website.  This way I can prepare for our next step.  Let's get started now-->>

Brainstorming Session

We need about 45 minutes, in person or by phone, to go deep into what your website needs are, as well as your business and personal goals.  I need to get to know you better and get a feel for how you do business, who your team is, and what your business style is.

Project Proposal

It will take a few days to process what I learn and work up a proposal.  Then we will schedule a return call or visit and go over it.  We can work by email and phone if you prefer.  Once you accept the proposal, I will show you the development process and timeline.

Need more information or have a question?

Call, E-mail, or Send Me a Message

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Let's Talk

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No, no, no!

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Do you actually NEED a web site?
I would say "yes," but that is because I am in the business.
Never-the-less, here you are, on my site, so I guess web sites must work.

Let's discuss this.

Attracting new Customers.
Your clientele is aging.  The elderly still use a Yellow Pages.  Boomers and middle-agers use their home computers and laptops. Millennials use their phones and tablets.  Increasingly your customers are getting younger, and your marketing needs to keep up with THEM.  Not the other way around.

For business to business it is even more important.

  • Do you still advertise in the Yellow Pages?  Fewer and fewer do.
  • Do you look anything up in the Yellow Pages?  Most businesses don't.
  • Over time, your Web Site will become an even more important business tool.
  • Google is the primary way businesses find other businesses in their area.

If you do not need a web site right now, you will in the very near future.
Your competition is on the web.  You need to be, too.
Don't get left behind.


I am Ren


I was born during the Truman administration (he was a President) and have been in the I.T. and computer support business for 35 years.  That makes me old, but I am young at heart, and know my stuff.

I built my first web site right after Al Gore invented the internet, 25 years ago, and have built many sites for my clients.  Today we operate the web site side of things as a separate business.


I live in Murphys, CA in a cabin in the woods with my wonderful wife, Cami.  We have a son Ryan.  Ryan and I are partners in our little Web Agency and his role will be growing.  Ryan and I have been best buddies for more than 2 1/2 decades.

That Web Place is dedicated to your success.  If you aren't successful, then we won't be, either.  Let us build your next web site.  You won't be sorry.

Our Winter Wonderland-the view out our living room window
Our Winter Wonderland-the view out our living room window

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