Ed Smith

Candidate for Governor

Ed is the most qualified candidate to ever run for Governor of our state.  Big Ed has chosen to give up  his life of leisure just for you, and will give you everything you think you want in life.  Honest.

  • Support Ed, and his promises will turn to gold.
  • Support Ed and he will give you money
  • Support Ed and he will end all taxes

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What Ed Stands For

Ed's view of our future.  These are the things he stands for and believes in.  He is committed to making a better State you you and your family.


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We need your help to get Ed to the State House. You deserve representation and it will take a team to get us there.

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You can find out all about Ed, his background, his family, and his commitments you.  See a list of his events, appearances, and fund raisers.

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