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What Happens After Your Site is Launched?

Care Advantage!

Professional Site Management

Let's keep it running!


CareAdvantage! Subscription Plans

I use premium tools and services in managing sites that are standard with web care plans.  These tools ensure that the site is backed up, secure, optimized, and able to be restored quickly if anything were to happen.  My prices are lower than anyone else who does what I do.

*All plans include basic optimization, basic firewall, and basic security monitoring, but DO NOT include web page changes.  See our add-on plans.  My off plan hourly rate is $69.

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Management and Page
Add-on Subscriptions

These additional monthly and hourly services are available to help you run your site.

Page Modify Plan

$69 Monthly
  • Pick this plan
  • When you anticipate neeiding page changes
  • Includes 2 hours per month
  • Sorry, no rollovers.
  • Includes adding eCommerce products
  • text text text text text
  • Or by the hour at $69 per

New Page Plan

$250 Monthly
  • Do you anticipate needing new pages?
  • Unlimited new pages
  • Includes Page Modification Plan
  • No rollover necessary-this is UNLIMITED.
  • text text text text text
  • Or by the hour, if you prefer
  • Please ask for a fresh quote for
  • complete site redesigns


$50 per image
  • When you need your better images.
  • Color and brightness correction
  • Photo Repair
  • Borders, Shadows, Enhancements
  • Combine photos to make new images
  • text text text text text
  • P.S. I am not a photographer.
  • I work from existing images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the information you didn't know you need

You've got a new site.  Woo hoo.  What you see on the screen is just part of what goes on.  I also work behind the scenes.  I work hard to keep your site

  • monitored
  • in good health
  • virus free
  • running fast
  • backed up
  • hacker proof
  • up-to-date
  • fix the problems as they come up

You site is monitored 24/7/365.  When something needs to be handled, I get an immediate alert.  I tweak your setting and try to prevent problems.  When problems come up I can solve them before they affect your site.

The goal is to keep you running so your customers and prospects can find you.

  • Your credit card will be automatically billed every month
  • You will also receive an invoice for your payment via email each month for your business records
  • All transaction use the best security, so your financial information is never in jeopardy
  • If you need to change card info, just let me know
  • Absolutely.  You can can be a part of That Web Place's family.
  • Requires a $200 one-time set up fee to cover all the things I normally set up as I build a site.
  • Choose from any of the above packages and add-ons. 
  • Sign up, then drop me an email and I will respond within 24 hours.

Most of what I do is automatic-you don't have to do a thing.  You may, however, discover a problem I didn't know about.  Some things cannot be monitored.  Feel free to call me, email me, or use my handy Support Ticket system.  The sooner you call, the sooner the problem gets resolved.

Every web site lives somewhere.  It is on a computer somewhere in the world.  It could be on your computer, but it would be very expensive to have the right kind of computer-many thousands of dollars.  Instead you rent space on someone else's computer.  That is called hosting.

You may find quick fixes are not so quick.  What appears to be quick may take a lot of time.  As well, we are very busy and prioritize our plan subscribers first.   I am sure you understand that. 

You may find a CareAdvantage! plan to be the quickest and cheapest way to resolve problems.  But if you insist, my hourly rate is $69 and I will be happy to put you on the schedule.

Plug-ins are specialty programs that WordPress developers, like me, could not do their jobs without.  Plug-ins are small programs that give WordPress more power, and help me save time (and you money) in building your site.


  • Help me build pages quickly
  • Provide services like backups and virus protection and hacker protection
  • Make it possible for your customers to communicate with you
  • Make eCommerce possible
  • Allow me to put things on a page exactly where I want them
  • Help to control the look and feel of your site
  • Give me the power to quickly change fonts, colors, and images
  • Allow me to monitor and manage your site and host from my computer
  • Help provide SSL (site security) for secure transactions and communication 
  • Perform SEO (search engine optimization) tasks and keep you in front of the public

Plug-ins cost money.  You can buy licenses up front (they usually run several hundred dollars a year) and I will help you secure them, or you can take advantage of our bulk arrangements and lease them on a monthly basis.  You will save hundreds.

Of course.

If your plan includes Plug-in leases and hosting, you will need to arrange for your own server and plug-in licenses.  You will have a 30 grace period to make the arrangements and get the licenses installed and the site migrated to the new host.  I am on your side, so I will give you help as long as your plan is in force.  If you plan has expired, my hourly rate for help is $69.

No, no, no!

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