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Let Me Help You

For your special day, together I will help you plan everything from invitations, to flowers, to your venue, to what you serve your reception guests. 
Everything will be done on your schedule and below your budget. Relax, I will take care of it all.  I will leave nothing out so you won't have any worries.

I will take care  of everything.

My Passion

I love weddings!

I love helping people achieve their dreams and I love seeing people in love.  I love smiles and the feeling of satisfaction I see when your precious day goes off without a hitch. 

I am a very organized person, and I love details. 

My Partnerships

I know who the best wedding vendors are

I have already made arrangements with many, many Wedding service providers to give you the absolute best deals and have negociated discounts on your behalf.  This includes Wedding Reception venues, florists, caterers, dress makers, jewelers, tux shops, printers, DJs, and more. 


This is your day.  You want to look your prettiest. 

You want him to fall in love with you all over again.  You want everything to be perfect, and you will be perfect, too.

Our dress designers make sure you can choose from the best designs in the industry.  Have a little wine, as you try on all of the best gowns in town.  Take your time.

Your discounted price includes all of your fittings and alterations and, of course, delivery of your bridal gown.

The choice of your gown is your most important decision, so call me right away, so I can make sure you have plenty of time to arrange everything for you.  I will bring over designer brochures and sample swatches, and we will call the shops to make appointments.

Choose from the most gorgeous places for your wedding and reception.

The place you select to have your Wedding and Reception is the most important decision you will make, aside from the selection of your Wedding Gown and Maid-of-Honor.

I know all the best places, and would be happy to take you on a tour or give you brochures and videos from a wide variety of venues for your special day.  I will secure the place and the date, and make sure all the arrangements are made so you won't have any worries.

I will take care of everything.

This is the most special day of your lives. 

You memories will live on in your photographs and video.  We will match you with the photographer that will help make your day special.

Crystal Knight is our favorite photographer.  Crystal is a lose friend, and she has over 20 years experience shooting weddings, and she always goes overboard, giving much more than you pay for.

Please check out her web site.  Click here.

Great flowers make a great wedding greater.

Flowers are the cornerstone of a great wedding. 

My florist is ready to work with you to make sure you get everything you want at a price you can afford.  Visit her shop, and mention my name, and she will give you a free white rose, just for stopping by.

Our very special baker and caterer.  Why?  They are the best.

Our caterer, Daphne's Catering and our baker, Doug and Betsy's Cakes, will bring you samples of their work, and let you have a taste,  so you can have the perfect reception for your guests.  Whether you are gay or straight, their foods will appoint your reception and make it the highlight of the day-with the exception of the wedding, of course.

Leave it to us to give your day the special touch that only great food can bring you.

There is only one choice for wines.  Don't settle for anything else.

My beloved, Arthur, is the owner of Vintage Estate Cellars.  So, of course, you cannot get a better wine at a better price.  And his sparkling wines are to die for.









Stop by and have a taste.  I will let him know you are on your way, so have a designated driver, you will need one

I am sure you will love him and his beautiful wines. 

If you mention my name to Vista Print, they will automatically give you a 50% discount.

Not to mention that their prices are already low...AND they produce the absolutely most beautiful invitations imaginable. 

Check their web site for samples, call a sales rep and "say "Mindy the Wedding Planner said to call."

This is my promise to you.

If any of my recommended suppliers do not give you the best price possible, I will find someone who will, and I will never sacrifice quality just for price.   I also promise to stand by all the people and products that I recommend.  If you are not satisfied, there is no charge.

I promise.

Let's Plan Your Wedding Together

Call me at 209-561-6165

With Love,


No, no, no!

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